Facial Emotional Therapy (FET )

“Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.”

– B.K.S Iyengar

Facial Emotional Therapy (FET) is a gentle non-invasive treatment, designed specifically to work in sync with the nervous system, giving the opportunity to experience peace and rejuvenation through sensitive touch and soothing strokes over the meridian system.​

Working directly on the face, head, and neck accesses many of the significant energy points relating to the various systems of the body, clearing stress levels and emotional blockages allowing relaxation and clarity of mind to take place. The entire body experiences a sense of deep and profound state of bliss, making you feel reenergised and leaving you looking refreshed and younger

This therapy combines techniques from physiotherapy, kinesiology, facial harmony, brain gym, energy healing, remedial massage, and reflexology.

Facial Emotional Therapy empowers you to reconnect with your inner source of guidance and wisdom, fostering a deep state of relaxation and heightened awareness during each session.

Please allow for up to  1 hour 15 minutes for your initial visit as it includes a general FIRST CONSULTATION on your wellness goals. Follow up Facial Emotional Therapy (FET) sessions are up to 50 minutes.

*Please note this service is only available for individuals 13 years and older as this requires one-on-one attendance with the FET Practitioner in the salt room. Any individuals below the age of 18 years old will require the signed consent of a parent or guardian.

Facial Emotional Therapy (FET)

50-minute Salt Therapy session that includes 30 minutes of Facial Emotional Therapy (FET) for Individuals 13 years & over.

Single Session
(up to 1 hour 15 mins)
Prepaid Pass- 3 Sessions
(valid for 3 months)
Prepaid Pass- 6 Sessions^
(valid for 6 months)
Prepaid Pass- 12 Sessions^
(valid for 12 months)

*SUMMER FET PROMOTION  SPECIAL- Buy a FET Prepaid Pass of 6 sessions  & get a ^FREE HOLIDAY (valued $900). 32 countries &  over 100 destinations to pick from. ^conditions apply. Valid until 31st December 2023.


BUY a FET Prepaid Pass of 6 sessions  & get a^FREE HOLIDAY (valued $900).

Choose from 32 countries &  over 100 destinations .
Offer ends 30th September 2023.
^conditions apply.

“I’ve had chronic arthritis since 19yrs of age, I’m now in my late 40s. I’ve tried a myriad of different therapies, the Salt Clinic is a regular on my list. It helps me to detach from the daily grind and eases my chronic pain. I tried the facial massage (FET) for the first time and it was an incredible experience. I felt very relaxed but also felt relief around my neck and the top part of my head. I’ll be going back for regular FET sessions!”

– Ashwin Dyall

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