Please find below to a number of Webinar Replay and article link resources on Halotherapy/ Salt Therapy and other Related Discussions by professional resources and Wellness experts within the Salt Therapy industry as well as Medical Practitioners and Specialists:

World Halotherapy Association (WHA)


Salt Therapy Association (STA)


Global Wellness Institute (GWI)

Salt Therapy/ Halotherapy Topics:

Exploring Salt & Halotherapy Initiative: How Can Spas Offer Respiratory Health & Immune System Support?

Participants in this Initiative Collaboration, hosted by the Exploring Salt & Halotherapy Initiative, explored the growing importance of halotherapy and infrared for respiratory health—both in spas and at home. Speakers included Dr. Cindy Hollenbeck, executive director, World Halotherapy Association; Dr. Raleigh Duncan, chairman, Clearlight Infrared Saunas; Kathleen Slonager, executive director, Michigan Asthma & Allergy Foundation; Lisa Semerly, former owner, Remedi Spa & Wellness; and Amy McDonald, a leading spa consultant.

Sauna/ Heat Topics:

In this Hydrothermal Initiative Collaboration, leading medical researchers, scientists and sauna experts debated the role of sauna in public health and wellness post-COVID-19. Sauna experts Lasse Eriksen and Don Genders, chair of the GWI Hydrothermal Initiative and CEO, Design for Leisure, moderated the call. The lineup of researchers and experts included Mikkel Aaland, documentarist and host of Perfect Sweat, an upcoming Netflix series; Hans Hägglund, MD, PhD, a medical doctor and professor known as the “Sauna Doctor” in Sweden, Professor Marc Cohen, author of a paper on the benefits of heat in fighting a virus; and Sven Erik Bucht, Sweden’s first Sauna Minister.