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Dry Salt Therapy, also known as “Halotherapy” has been researched extensively and backed by clinical studies in Europe in the last 50 years.

At the Salt Therapy Clinic & Sanctuary, whilst we are not here to advocate that you ignore your current medical treatments or to make any changes to your usual medical dosage without consulting your own doctor for advice, we are here simply to offer you the option of incoporating Halotherapy as a complementary and alternative natural therapy to your routine wellness plan.

We will be updating you with new information on Salt related clinical research and news once we receive them to enable you to make an informed decision as to whether incorporating Salt Therapy as part of embracing a more holistic lifestyle may be suitable for you.

Below are some of the clinical and scientific research conducted over the years. We have complied and classified into different categories for your reference:


Using Salt to fight Cancer


Risk of High Blood Pressure in Salt Workers working near Salt Milling


The Burden of Skin Disease in the United States

A Review of Salt Therapy as a Complementary Treatment for Enhancing
Respiratory Wellness and Skin Ailment

Prospects of Halotherapy in Sanatorium and Spa Dermatology and Cometology



Halotherapy: an Alternative Method for the Treatment of Respiratory Diseases

Halotherapy for Treatment of Respiratory Diseases

Halotherapy: History and Experience of Clinical Application

Role of Aquatic Therapy and Speleotherapy as Complementary Therapies in the Respiratory System

SALTMED- The Therapy with Sodium Chloride Dry Aerosols

Speleotherapy Clinic-various articles

Surveys on Therapeutic Effects of Halotherapy Chamber with Artificial Salt Mine Environment on Patients with with certain Chronic Allergenic Respiratory
pathologies and infectious-inflammatory pathologies

Salt Cave Therapy: Re-discovering the Benefits of an Old Preservative

SPELEOTHERAPY – Scientific relevance in the last five years (2013 – 2017) – A systematic review


Effect of Bronchoconstriction on Airway Remodelling in Asthma

Halotherapy as Asthma Treatment in Children: a Randomized Controlled Prospective Pilot Study

Inhalation of Hypertonic Saline Aerosol enhance Mucociliary Clearance in Asthmatic and Healthy Subjects

The Effect of Salt Chamber Treatment on Bronchial Hyper-responsiveness in Asthmatics


Halotherapy and Buteyko Breathing Technique-a possible successful Combination in relieving Respiratory Symptoms

How The ‘Lost Art’ Of Breathing Can Impact Sleep And Resilience


A Review of Halotherapy for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease


Could salt water fight Covid-19? Scientists launch trial after groundbreaking find

The Importance of Halotherapy in the Treatment of COVID-19 Related Diseases


Halotherapy in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis- a Pilot Study

A Controlled Trial of Long-Term Inhaled Hypertonic Saline in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis


Halotherapy in the Treatment of Sub-obstructive Adenotonsillar Hypertrophy and related Diseases


Effect of Dry Sodium Chloride Aerosol on the Respiratory Tract of Tobacco Smokers


Universal and Reusable Virus Deactivation System for Respiratory Protection


Athletes Performance Can Benefit from Visiting a Salt Cave

Impact Assessment of Saline Aerosols on Exercise Capacity of Athletes

Regular Halotherapy Usage Increases Lung Function by 13%



Halotherapy Benefits and Risks

Halotherapy-Dry Saline Aerosol Inhalation

Halotherapy from Ethnoscience to Scientific

Halotherapy in Controlled Salt Chamber Microclimate for Recovering Medicine

Public Health and Salt Environment in some Salt Mine in Transylvania (Romania)

Salt Caves as Simulation of Natural Environment and Significance of Halotherapy

Speleotherapy, Halotherapy, Haloaerosaltherapy: Definitions, Mechanisms of Influence, Perspectives of Usage Part I

Use of Trace Elements and Halotherapy in the Treatment of Human Diseases


Empirical Evidence for the Effects of Negative Air Ions (NAI) on Psychophysiological State and Performance

Floatation Therapy & Anxiety

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Most Research Articles above relating to Halotherapy Source Credit: World Halotherapy Association (WHA)

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