Our Practitioner

Connie Ng

Meet Connie, founder of The Salt Therapy Clinic & Sanctuary and a multi-disciplinary Holistic Practitioner. Connie is an IICT registered Facial Emotional Therapy (FET) Practitioner, Holistic Counsellor, and Salt Therapist. She is a certified Practitioner in Macrobiotic Health; Food & Environmental Allergies; Five Elements Coaching and Fusion Acupressure.

Connie perceives the strong correlation between the mind and body to be pivotal to any form of deep emotional & physical healing and recovery. She takes an integrative approach that considers the client’s psychological & physiological experiences, viewing the Body, Mind and Spirit as an interconnected whole. 

Connie works intuitively with her client, combining both traditional counselling techniques with complementary therapies such as salt therapy, FET, meridian therapy, flower essences, numerology, guided meditation and breathwork. She often draws references to The Five Elements principle found in Traditional Chinese Medicine to illustrate the psychosomatic nature of many health conditions where emotional imbalances are manifested in the form of physical symptoms & vice versa. 

Connie co-creates a safe and healing sanctuary with you to provide you with the support to work through your life’s challenges, be they physical and/or emotional. Empowering you to focus on self-love and staying present, you will gain clarity, be supported with the appropriate healing techniques in a framework that are aligned with your wellness goals, thus enabling you to live your most authentic self in Mind, Body, and Spirit.