Membership Suspension Form

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For your Membership Plan to be successfully suspended, this form must be returned and signed to authorise such actions to be taken by The Salt Therapy Clinic & Sanctuary.

This Membership Plan Suspension form must be signed and returned by 1pm of the day prior to your next scheduled payment in order for this payment not to be processed.

Your next scheduled weekly payment is on Friday the: _________________

Suspension Terms & Conditions
  • Maximum 4 weeks suspension within the no cancellation period.
  • A suspension within the initial 25 weeks of your Membership does not reduce the length of time or number of Direct Debits in relation to that Membership Plan.
  • Suspension dates must start before Thursday at 1pm to stop the scheduled payment coming out on the Friday. 
  • Due to our Direct Debit Provider policy, we can only suspend your membership once we receive your *signed form.
  • The Salt Therapy Clinic & Sanctuary does not back pay for holidays so if the form is not in for processing your membership suspension, it does not count.

To suspend a Membership, please fill in your details below:

Name: ___________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ___________________________________________________

Reason for Suspension: ____________________________________________

Suspension start date: ___________________

Suspension end date: ____________________

*Signed: ________________________________________ Date: _____________

The Salt Therapy Clinic & Sanctuary Staff: