“I had eczema on my hands for four years now. So when I saw their website that salt therapy can help with my condition, I thought that I can give it a try. It took a number of times before my hands get better as it is a natural therapy. But Connie was very helpful throughout the treatment. She gave me some mix herbs and salt to soak my hands to speed up my recovery. Now my hands are less swollen and less redness. Thanks Connie!😊

– Y. Fan, Owner of Accounting Practice

“The Salt Therapy Clinic has positively impacted my treatment of endometriosis. The Salt Therapy Clinic sessions have provided pain relief and a calm environment to work through relief options. As a bonus, the sessions have improved my skin texture and complexion. I could not recommend Connie and The Salt Therapy Clinic enough!”

– J. O’Connell, IT Manager, Queanbeyan

“This clinic is truly a haven of escape. Connie is wonderful, a real listener and passionate about helping her clients with their health and wellbeing. I’ll definitely be back.”

– V. White, Soft Tissue Therapist, Melba

Client V. White Results (left to right): Day 1 (Pic 1) after first session of 1 x 45-minute salt therapy; (Pic 2) after 1 x 45-minute salt therapy session and 6 days later, after Session 3 (Pic 3) after 1 x 45-minute salt therapy session . Total: 2 hours 15 mins of salt therapy sessions. *Note: results may vary for different individuals.

“I had a bad sinus infection and hormonal acne but with just two sessions at the Salt Therapy Clinic, my sinuses had almost completely cleared and the inflammation in my skin had calmed down dramatically. Couldn’t recommend Connie and the team highly enough!

– Kirrah Amosa, Singer, Canberra

“Salt therapy is a great way to help me relax and distress from mental and physical stress of my everyday life, I’m constantly on the go so it’s good to able to come in for so much needed down time. I always leave feeling refreshed long after my session..

– D. Dwyer, Youth Worker & Physical Trainer, Flynn

“I went in for a session to proactively help with my asthma before cold and flu season hit, as I have read a number of studies about the benefit of salt therapies for respiratory issues. Not only did I feel well after the session, but the session made me feel incredibly relaxed and rejuvenated. It was so profound that I mentioned this to the owner, and she said that stress-relief is, in fact, a benefit of salt therapy. For me, this was a huge deal because the sense of deep relaxation followed me for about 48 hours. I couldn’t and still can’t recall the last time I felt that relaxed. If you’re considering a salt session for relaxation benefits, I cannot recommend The Salt Therapy Clinic & Sanctuary enough.”

– R. Knopik, Founder of Non-for-Profit Organisation, Forrest

“I had such a divine experience at The Salt Therapy clinic – it truly is a sanctuary. Connie is absolutely amazing and full of information, she informed me well before the actual session and was great regarding aftercare. The actual session was super relaxing and it was great to get off my phone! I slept so well that night as well. I look forward to my next session and seeing the improvements of my skin concerns.”

– J. Wilson, Founder of Non-for-Profit Organisation and Social Media Manager, Canberra City

“I’ve been suffering from severe eczema and psoriasis all my life. I have tried many different methods to ease the symptoms with little success. Connie recommended salt therapy to me and I have noticed significant improvements with just a few sessions. It’s also a great place to relax after a long day.”

– J. Kung, IT Professional, Woden

Client J. Kung Results: Day 1 (left) after 2 x consecutive 45-minute salt therapy session & on the following Day 2 (right) after 2 x consecutive 45-minute salt therapy session. Total: 3 hours of salt therapy sessions. *Note: results may vary for different individuals.

Client Results within one week: Acne Problem
– Client A. Yao, Business Owner, Campbell

Client A. Yao Results within One Week (L-R): Pic 1- Before First Session (Sun); Pic 2– Next Day after SESSION 1: 2 x consecutive 45-minute salt therapy session (Mon); Pic 3– Next Day after SESSION 2: 2 x consecutive 45-minute salt therapy session (Thur); Pic 4- Next Day after SESSION 3: consecutive 45-minute salt therapy session. Total: 4.5 hours of salt therapy sessions. *Note: results may vary for different individuals.

“The kids and I were warmly welcomed by Connie into the salt room. We had been trying to get rid of the last bit of their cough after my son has had croup. It really relaxed our bodies and helped the kids’ recovery quicker. I felt so relaxed and sleepy (for a busy mum that was something!) both times we went, the kids and I slept so incredibly well we felt super refreshed.”

-N. Fox, Busy Full-time Mother of two, Queanbeyan

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